Since 2006: from a dream to reality...

Like most African American women, I longed for thick, long hair. I was able to achieve moderate growth using most products on the market and accepted the fact that my hair would probably never grow longer than my shoulder blades.

In August 2006, I developed Idiopathic Alopecia. My hair began falling out in clumps. It was sudden and I never saw actual clumps. It just began getting thinner and thinner. I began wearing a wig on a Friday and by Monday, all of my hair was gone. I went to a dermatologist and he explained that my hair could return, but there was no guarantee. Idiopathic means there is no one reason as to why something occurs and there is no explanation for it. In addition, he explained that I would more than likely lose my hair again. I believe my hair loss was due to stress, as there were so many different things happening in my life at that time. After crying for about a week, I began purchasing different wigs and accepted the fact that I would probably never have any hair again. I allowed the dermatologist to give me three injections before I decided that I had had enough. It was painful and I only grew a very small amount of hair at the injection site. My hairdresser told me that since my scalp was still pink, the skin was viable and could grow hair. I had a glimmer of hope. About a year later, I decided to try to develop my own hair product because what was on the market wasn't helping me. I had about 1 inch of growth on the top of my hair, but I was still bald in the back and on the sides. 

I researched natural products and developed a formula that allowed me to experience growth that I never had prior to developing Alopecia. Over the course of three years, my hair grew more than 16 inches. I have never again experienced Alopecia since my bout in 2006.

Debra N. Johnson


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